Raksha bandhan is a very special day and custom in India, when the love and the close bond between brothers and sisters are celebrated. During the ceremony, the sister ties a beautifully designed thread or rakhi as it is called, on her brother’s wrist. In return, the brother offers raksha bandhan gifts to his sister as a sign of gratefulness for the unconditional love he gets from her. Nowadays, the sisters also gift their brother after tying the rakhi, instead of just receiving from him. The gifts for your sister or brother should be a personal one, as it will be treasured by them for a long time.

If your sisters are in their teens, then you should offer rakhi gifts for sisters like fashion accessories. This can include any items like belts, scarves, jewelry, purses, handbags or trendy bracelets and watches. You can also buy her good outfits, however, it is more sensible to take your teenage sister along when buying her dresses, as your choice may not be hers. For teenaged brothers, the ideal rakhi gift for brother would include wrist watches, mobiles, video games, music CDs or T-shirts.
If your brother is a sports fanatic, then you can gift him an item of his favorite sport, like badminton, football or a cricket set. If your brother is not a teenager, then, books of his favorite authors, film collection or even music system for his car will suffice, other than shirts and suits. Boys are very much into gadgets, so if you can get a gift related to his favorite gadget, he would be thrilled. Chocolates, dry fruits and other sweets are also favorites among kid brothers.
Raksha bandhan gifts for married sister offer many choices, other than the normal ones, like dresses and cosmetics. You can buy her great crockery sets for her home or decorative pieces for her home. Of course, nothing can beat gifts like jewelry set or diamond jewelry, if you can afford them. A fashionable wrist watch is also a great gift idea. Hindu deity images are also favorite gifts among Indians, so if you can get her a unique image of her favorite deity, it would be treasured for life. It has become very easy to send gifts to sisters and rachis to brothers who are living far away, through online shops. You just have to select and order your gifts, which will be shipped by them in time for the special day, the rakhsa bandhan day.