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On Independence Day all Indians do salute the patriotic spirit and also pledge to craft the nation in the manner which the freedom fighters and national leaders have dreamt. Most Indians send Indian Independence Day greeting gifts and Indian Independence Day greeting cards with deepest feeling and they like to share the pride of being Indian citizen. In India we have unity in diversity. Indians follow different religions and speak numerous languages but live in harmony. India as a nation always tries to maintain peace and harmony with its neighboring countries and tries to solve all matters amicably by having peace talks. Indian democracy is the largest democracy in the world and it is sixth largest country in the world. Indian history is most ancient and the living civilization dates back to 10000 B.C.
On Independence Day national holiday is declared so that people celebrate the nation’s independence in joyful and happy manner. The Indian roads are embellished with colorful ribbons and Indian flags. It is considered an important day and each Indian feel it is essential that all freedom fighter are remembered for their struggle to achieve independence from British rule. It is awesome feeling to breathe the air of freedom. Most people also like to make personalized cards to mark this special occasion.
The President of India addresses the nation which is broadcasted on national television as well as other paid channels. The prime minister of India hoists the Indian flag at historical site Red Fort in New Delhi. On this solemn occasion twenty one gun shots are fired. The prime minister of India also delivers the speech and he/she highlights the achievement of the government during the last year and also raises various important issues which are alarming and are acting as hindrance to the national development. The prime minister calls for further development of the nation. The prime minister also pays tribute to the freedom fighters among whom there were few national leaders as well. In the end national anthem is sung and people stand while national anthem is being sung to show their due respect to the nation. The chief ministers of various states give speeches in their own respective state to mark the occasion.