Few people might be interested to know why deepavali is celebrated each year grandly. During the month of October and November, most of them are in festive mood and they feel it is good time to enjoy before the advent of winter. Varied mythological as well as historical reasons do exist as to why it is is celebrated. Few believe on this day, Goddess laxmi was born. Lakshmi incarnated on amaavasyaa, which is also referred as new moon day of kartik month, while churning the ocean. Hence they associate this festival with Lakshmi. Few others believe Lord Vishnu rescued Lakshmi from prison of king Bali and thus they worship Goddess Lakshmi. And other 's believe on this day lord Krishna killed the demon king whose name was narakaasur and thus rescued nearing to 16000 women from his captivity. Thus those who rescued celebrated their freedom for two days and thus it was victory festival. Certain individuals also believe that according to the Mahabharata which is referred to be great epic. During the month of karthik the Pandavas appeared after exile of 12 years as a result of defeat in the hands of Kauravas while playing dice game. Those who loved Pandavas felt very happy when they returned home from their exile hence they celebrated this festival.

Animated Diwali Greeting
Image Courtesy: Animated Diwali Greeting
People who live in the modern world also love to celebrate this festival and they usually adorn new clothes and varied finery and attend pooja. After pooja is completed the elders in the family bless their children and offer each member varied gift item for diwali. People belonging to lower income group may not be able to provide exclusive as well as costly gifts but would opt to buy cheap diwali gifts. Individuals due to their work commitment or any other commitment might not be in a position to come and meet their family members personally but would prefer to offer gifts which can be brought from online stores. People like attractive diwali gifts.
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