Diwali is Hindu festival which is celebrated by whole nation irrespective of religion and cast. People following Sikhism and Jainism celebrate this festival. Religious as well as regional variations do exist. The way it is celebrated may be different in one part of the state to other part of the state. People who follow Jainism for them it signifies attainment of moksha by mahaveera. It is considered as liberation from the cycle of life as well as death. For Sikhs the diwali largely denotes release of Guru Hargobind in 1619 along with 52 others who have been detained in Gwalior fort by mughal emperor Jehangir. You can see online diwali greeting card designs.

Hindus  belong to  India's major religious community. Diwali commemorates victory of lord Rama (King of Ayodhya) over Ravana(powerful demon) and the triumphant return to the kingdom after a period of exile. Rama's jubilant subjects who were keen of his homecoming as swift and safe as possible illuminated the way with masses of twinkling diyas(earthenware oil lamps) Thus this is the reason why lighting of diyas has become key component of diwali festival. It symbolized replacement of darkness(ignorance) with inner light. They are garnered via pursuit of knowledge and spiritual practices. Spirituality lies at the heart of diwali. Devotees specifically seeking blessing from two prominent Hindu deities such as laksmi, goddess of wealth and Ganesha, the elephant headed God. He is also known as God of good fortune and auspicious beginnings. Individuals pray for prosperity and also well being of family members including themselves. They usually indulge in burning crackers and follow varied rituals.
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