Holi celebration in india, does take place with lot of joy as well as enthusiasm through out the whole world. It is considered to be one of the important festivals of Hindus. Even those people who do not follow Hindu religion do celebrate this day with great zest. Holi celebration does follow after the holi puja is known as Holika dahan. People do gather woods as well as create bonfire on which they place the effigy of holika and prahlad. In the evening the lit the huge bonfire and they do chant matras. This traditional ritual symbolizes triumph of good over the evil. People who are wondering when is the holi in 2013 the answer is it is on 27 March 2013. During the festivals holi colors are applied on face and hands and wish them happy holi and also give holi gifts and cards. They do dance to the rhythm of dholak singing traditional folk song. Throwing abeer in the air and having cool thandai and bang This festival is celebrated in the different parts of the world following distinctive culture as well as traditions. In Nandgaoan, village of lord Krishna, people celebrate holi with girts of Barsana. Here instead of abeer they play with sticks. In Gujarat, it is famous for the tradition of breaking earthen pots filled with milk as well as butter. It is widely practiced. In Bengal, holi is known as basant utsav, meaning spring festival, which is grandly celebrated in Shankthiniketan. Holi gifts can be ordered online.

Best Holi Cards

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Both boys as well as girls welcome the spring festival by singing as well as dancing. Few of them love to provide best holi cards to all who are close to them. They tend to make them from the materials which are easily available in the market. These look like customized products because the giver knows the taste as well as preference of the customers and based on their taste as well as preference they tend to make varied cards. Personalized photo mugs as holi gifts can be ordered online. Few of them tend to contact online stores such as print t shirts india site and place order for customized t shirts. Customers do contact the online stores to print invitation cards for birthday party. Customers if they have any concerns or queries they can easily contact the customer care and sort all their queries before indulging in real purchases. Birthday cards which they have ordered should be sent to all their guests before fortnight so that they can fulfill their work commitments and attend the party without worrying about their work commitments.