Though the need for one to carry beverages has always existed, the travel mugs made its appearance not before the 1980s. These mugs are thermal insulated drinking mugs which are portable. Not only are these perfect fro carrying hot beverages like teal or coffee, it also keeps them hot. The reasons for the popularity of these mugs are many. Due to the fast pace lives of the individuals it becomes necessary to carry hot beverages easily. Therefore these mugs fit in perfectly to this criterion. Another reason for their popularity is their environment friendliness. These mugs are reusable and one can easily carry them in offices, when and also when travelling in transports. At present these mugs are also made of recyclable materials. Even for companies that wish to promote a product of services these mugs are a great choice. With the use of latest technology one can get these mugs customized with company logo or can even present these to clients, customers as well as employees as corporate gifts.

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Apart from picking up these mugs for gifts one can also get print photo on personalized t shirt India. There are various factors one needs to keep in mind when choosing these mugs. These travel mugs are available in plastic as well as stainless steel. These mugs come with a top lid which makes carrying beverages easy without the fear of spilling. One can choose from a mug that fits into a cup holder of one’s car or even with a wide bottom to provide stability. These mugs also come in a variety of volume sizes as well. For those who drink less of tea or coffee can pick up a smaller one, whereas for one who drinks large amount of coffee can choose from bigger mugs, coffee mugs are ideal gift to close friends. One also needs to check the lid style when selecting these mugs. Some mugs even have the facility of locking.
Customized travel mugs are great gifts for any occasion. One can get it customized with images, messages or even quotes to give them a more special touch. Customized mugs are great gifts for weddings, bachelor parties and even birthday gifts. There are various online stores that bring a great collection of these mugs. From different sizes, to various patterns to, to various designs. One can easily get one of their choices. Even when going through the variety of these mugs one can also avail the facility of collage printing.