A keychain is a chain or a link generally made from plastic or wood to hold a single key or keys together at the same place. The chain of metal is connected to metal to metal key ring, in which keys can be inserted from both the sides and so allowing the keys to roatate circularly. The keychain can be also attached to the waist belt and some are considered as piece of jewellery known as challa or chabi ka ghuccha.

tote bag

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The women like to flaunt their challa which they get designed with costly metals like silver and gold with stones and other work. They can be an ideal gift for your loved ones on various occasions. The costly ones can be given as the wedding gift. The cheap and the stylish ones can be given on any occasions like birthdays, friendship’s day, valentine’s day, teacher’s day,etc.The online stores have a wide vareity of gift items apart from personalized keychains India online, they are tote bag, jewellery, cosmetics, vanity case, pens stand, perfumes,etc. We can also buy t-shirts, footwear, purses, caps online.

We can find different types of key stands also shaped like guitar, aum, a key, etc. There is a wide of range of designs and styles in customized keychains available in market, malls, small shops or online,etc. There are other names for it also like key rings, key tab and key holder. Some write it with a space in between the two words- key and chain. We can find keychains which have fruit designs like bunch of grapes, a slice of watermelon, an alphonsa mango, etc. They can be found as soft toys such as teddy bears, dolls, animals like rabbit, tiger, monkey, and so on.

The keychains having cartoon character are favourite among kids- doremen, pikachu, tom and jerry. They are inexpensive and hence people prefer to give them as gifts. The companies also distribute them as promotional products. We can make customized keychains online in India like we get when a purchase a car or a two wheeler, the keychains read maruti suzuki or any other name. We can personalize them by printing pictures on them or by making alphabvetical opr full name keychains. There are unique designs also which are a slipper shaped, heart shaped, keychains having bells, a carabiner with cluster of keys and keychains. We can use it on the bags and purses that will give a stylish look.