India is a secular country and there are people who follow different religions. In western countries the only main festival is Christmas and easter, but in India there are 10 or so festivals depending upon the religion you follow. Indians strictly follow traditions and customs. Some of the main festivals celebrated in India are Holi, Diwali, Onam, Vijayadashmi, ganesh chaturthi, etc. Diwali is one of the most important of the festivals. All the people celebrate it with utmost fervour. It is very important because the goddess Lakshmi is worshipped which is considered as goddess of wealth. It is celebrated with great vigour in all the states. Everybody is geared up a fortnight ago. The shopkeepers, the customers, man and woman and kids.

decorating diyas

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People go one another’s place, visit friends and relatives to wish new year. They exchange gifts, eat snacks and sweets specially made for guests. The gifts given on diwali are special. We can buy diwali gifts at the malls or exclusive stores. There are online websites which specialize in diwali gifts. The women some few days ago start cleaning the whole house, they make sweets and snacks. They lit the home with decorating diyas and girls love to make rangolis wiith different designs at the doorsteps with beautiful colours. We can lit our home with scented, perfumed decorative candles. We should give gifts thoughtfully and with endeavour. Our love and affection should be seen through your gifts. You can give vanity cases. make-up kit, jewellery box, jars to keep mouth freshners, or beetle leaves.

There are a variety of diwali gifts for the ones dear to us. Some of them are hampers of dryfruits like Californian almonds, Kashmiri walnut, pistachios, cashew nuts,etc. The gifts are abound with gifts and also greeting cards which are custom printed. We can give statues of gods and goddess along with their photographs. Sari, kurti, salwar kameez, tshirts and other accessories, cosmetics, jewellery or kitchen ware are ideal gifts for women. For men wallets, deodrants, silver or gold coin with goddess lakshmi on them, etc. We can even give sweet packets or boxes like kaju katri, anjeer roll, ladoos are some favourites among everyone. Electronic cases, ipods, pen drives which are custom made are ideal gifts for techno savy persons. We can give fresh flowers or artificial ornamental flowers. The bonsai plants and the money plant is also a great option and Online diwali gifts are necessity of the time.