Around 70 percent of the school going kids could be damaging thier spines by carrying heavy schoolbags. Various studies reveal that, the cause of back pain and damage in children spins which causes muscle strain and rounding of shoulders are particularldy due to incorrectly carrying the school bags to school. The parents should follow few, essential tips while purchasing the schools bags. As per the recent study published almost 80 percent of school going kids feel that thier school bags are too heavy. Which means parent indulge in buying over large size bags in order to save money, hoping it would last longer, but it would be wise to buy appropriate size bag.

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Most experts recommend buying a back pack, rather than those bags which are carried or slung over one shoulder, as these can cause back and shoulder pain. The canvas rucksack do weigh less than the leather bags and the best bags do have a moulded frame and they have padded back, adjustable straps and it should also be water resistant. Those parents who are interested to buy school bags and label stickers tend to visit sites such as buy school bags online site and kids name label stickers site and make thier purchases. Fashionable and Stylish Hoodies for Men are available online in India.

While getting ready for the new school term, they should try to find a bag which has few separtate compartments which will help with packing. By this way, they will able to position the heaviest items to the child's back, hence by slotting books and lunch boxes can be placed firmly in place, hence the items do not move around in transit. If they do so, a badly packed bag can shift thier child's centre of gravity and they can potentially cause back strain. It is also good idea to have a drink bottle holder outside the bag, which is good idea to save the spillage and damp school books.

The school bag should not weight more than 10 percent of thier child's weight, so around 4kg fro a 40kg child. By this, it will equate to few books and large lunch box. Most kids, we find are carrying more weight than it is healthy. The parents should encourage thier children to carry only items which are essential and leave the rest at home in the locker or desk at school. The children should repack thier bags daily so that they can place the essential items what they may require during the day at school. Parents and loved ones order for tshirts by visiting online t shirt store site and make purchases.