Each day in countries like UK, hundreds and hundreds of greeting cards are send as well as received by people who wish to celebrate something. In fact, it is believed that each person will send an average of 31 cards each year. It is hard to believe as to how dreadful men are at remembering occasions but it is not so hard to believe as to how easy, it is find a card for even the most obscure celebration. It is fact, that nearing to 85% cards are brought and send by the women. Through out the world, the card culture is very much ingrained but as to where it began and why is that individuals send a piece of decorated cardboard to someone whom they love, when they get another year older or when they have achieved something great is for some a mystery.

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During earlier times, the Sumerians wrote the messages on clay tablets in the same way the caveman wrote the symbols on the walls of the caves. Perhaps these messages were not written just for the sake of celebration or in fact as the first kind of greeting card but they were written in order to convey a message to others and would have contained personal messages like contemporary cards, good luck cards, thank you greeting cards. The derivation of cards in Chinese culture can be tracked back to an ancient Chinese legend when they sent in goodwill to ward off the wild beast called Nian. Who is thought to have attacked and killed villagers at the end of each year. The cards were distributed at the beginning of the each new year as a way of wishing them good luck to the villagers in the year to follow. It is this old folk tale and the mythological monster, that brought about the Chinese new year, which is now well rooted in their culture and start of the greeting card. Use Your Creativity To Make Godh Bharai and Namkaran Ceremony Invitation Cards Online in india.

In the 14th century that homemade cards, somewhat resembling the modern greeting card, made an appearance. The Germans started to create greeting cards for new year. Even the woodcut and paper greeting also to started to be exchanged too. Even the saint valentine was celebrated at this time, but the cards of this variety or any variety in fact, were expensive as they made by hand and delivered by the servants. Only people belonging to high social status would offer or receive greetings, which resulted in greeting card becoming the symbol of wealth.