The holi is rightly known as the festival of colors and it signifies the arising of good over evil represented as holika dahan. In Sanskrit, the festival is termed as dhulivandana and in Bengali and Oriya dolayatra. The story goes that, Hirnyakashapu made repeated attempts to kill Prahlad and took the help of his sister Holika, who had a boon that she cannot be touched by fire. However, the unexpected happened and Holika turns into ashes. The prahlad emerged victorious. Holi is celebrated in memory of this day. This festival was celebrated by the ancestors in order to unite the society, they used to clean their houses and make a bonfire of the waste collected.

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They burnt along with them neem leaves and dry cow dung fumes and it also served the purpose of purifying the air around. During the festival it is also common to offer gifts hence the individuals tend to visit 2014 holi gifts site and 2014 holi cards site and place order. Those who desire to place order for personalized holi tshirt do tend to order them by paying bit extra for customization. Customize your Office T-Shirt Design Online in India.

During the festival, it Is not unusual to find people cutting down trees for making the holi bonfire. A survey said that near about 35000 bonfire happen in a single state and each bonfire needs more than 100 kg of wood. The artificial colors red, pink, yellow, blue and green, black, silver and golden which contain poisonous chemicals like aluminium, bromide, mercury, lead oxide are used with abandon. We find thousand of litres of water go waste in the water pumps. It causes both soil and water pollution to take place because of these chemicals and fumes.

The Eco friendly Ganapati and Diwali are slowly catching on and we can celebrate the Eco friendly holi too. By avoiding tree cutting and using the artificial dry colors. We can also make symbolic bonfire or small bonfire. The individuals should avoid separate bonfire for every house and lit one small bonfire for the entire city. Instead of using trees, the individuals should start using waste material to burn. Single plant offers oxygen which is enough for 10 people and store of 2.6 tones of CO2.

It is easy to make natural herbal colors at home by using the flowers and fruits. Those parents who are having kids should try to make holi colors using the natural ingredients. These colors will help in avoiding skin reactions, else children if they tend to play holi with artificial colors they may be prone to skin reactions.